Huge News! Premium Calendar for Everyone!

One of our goals when we started Digital PTO was to make sure that as our memberships grew and as time went on that we would continue to release new features for all of our plans, including the free plan. Today we are very excited to announce that every single one of our members, whether […]

A Massive Improvement to our Help Center

The Digital PTO Help Center has always been known as an industry leading resource and this week we made this tool even easier to use! Prior to today, a user would select General Help or Premium Help to get started. Some users were confused as to which category their question fit. Starting today, we have […]

The Premium Events Calendar has been upgraded!

If you are using the Premium Events Calendar (standard with a Premium Membership), you’ll see some new changes to your events calendar! We’ve cleaned up the design and made it easier to read and easier to manage! Dates can be sorted, the calendar can be searched and it can now be viewed as an Event […]

Introducing Statistics – Built In Analytics

Today we are rolling out the first of many upgrades we’ve got planned this year, introducing Statistics! This upgrade is free of charge for all Premium and Premium Plus Members and will add website traffic statistics to your parent groups admin dashboard for quick viewing. Click the “See All Stats” button to get a complete […]

Welcome to the new Digital PTO Plugin Page

If you have visited your PlugIn’s page recently, you noticed an entirely new way to present your plugin options. We have been working hard on making the plugins easier to understand, easier to manage and easier to activate. Our new design accomplishes all three of those goals. Each plugin has a clear description and complimentary […]

We’ve had a bit of a makeover!

An entirely new look on the Dashboard We’ve very pleased to present a fresh brand new look for the Administrative side of Digital PTO for 2014! You’ll notice that it is a much cleaner experience and is even easier to navigate! The New Admin Dashboard is Mobile Friendly If you have a smart phone you […]

Introducing Automatic Email Blasts to your Subscribers

You’ve been asking for it and we have delivered! Digital PTO is super excited to announce our newest feature available to Premium and Premium Plus Members: Automatic Email Newsletter Blasts!  It can’t get a whole lot easier than this. Set up your general settings (colors, optional logo, delivery options), import your current subscribers, turn on […]

15 Pre-Built Parent Group Forms and Growing!

We are very excited to announce today that we now have 15 different Pre-Built Online Forms for Parent Groups and the collection continues to grow! Last week we completed a major upgrade to our entire form system and now it’s even easier to manage and use your forms. Everything is laid out much better and […]

The Top 10 Rules of Managing a Successful Parent Group Website

I am asked multiple times a week by different PTA and PTO groups across the country how to go about making their new Digital PTO website as effective as possible. I always lay out the same basic principles to each of them and figure it’s time to turn this into a news post for all […]

New Credit Card Options with No Monthly Fee’s

OK, it’s very rare that I get super pumped about something as simple as credit card processing, but this one is a game changer in a lot of ways. Starting this week, Parent Groups who are currently Premium Plus Credit Card Members (or those that upgrade!) will now have the ability to accept fully integrated […]

Now All Digital PTO Paid Plans are Ad Free

Just a quick note to let you know about a small, yet significant change we made this afternoon to our Starter Plan. Up until this afternoon, the Starter Plan, which is only $5 a month, still contained ads from our screened partners. We are happy to announce that as of today, third party ads are no longer […]

Digital PTO Announces Free Premium Plans for District & State PTA Groups

Digital PTO is proud to announce our newest program today aimed at State, County and District level PTA groups. This new program offers free Premium Plan Memberships to all County, District and State level PTA leadership groups. This is an ongoing program and is available to these groups for the lifetime of their account. As […]

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