Selecting a Theme for your PTO's Website

Picking the Perfect Theme for your PTO or PTA Website

Everyone has different tastes and we have tried to make it easier than ever to customize your PTA or PTO website to fit your style. Before you start changing your themes, we HIGHLY SUGGEST that you complete any training first. All of our training documents are based on our Standard Theme and are much easier to follow in the correct theme.

Once that is completed though, have fun! Explore our themes and enjoy!

Step 1: Click on THEMES in the Appearance Menu

Click THEMES under the Appearance Menu on the left side.

Step 2: The Themes Window

When you open up the THEMES page, you will see your current theme listed at the top and then a full list of additional themes (with multiple pages possible) down below. We have made the Starter Digital PTO themes easy to locate by putting them toward the top. We always add our favorite themes to the first page of the theme lists.

Step 3: Find the THEME you are interested in Previewing

When you find a theme you want to Preview, click either the Thumbnail of the theme of the PREVIEW link and it will open in a new window for you to review. This is just a sample based on your current website content. The preview may not look exactly like you had hoped, but keep in mind you may need to adjust some widgets or settings to achieve your perfect look. The preview gives you a simple idea of what your site would look like with the new theme.

Step 4: Close the Theme or Activate the Theme

To close a Preview click the “X” on the left side of the pop-up window. If you want to activate your theme click the ACTIVATE link. Please be warned that this will make changes to your live website and you should always follow our Theme Switch Checklist when changing themes. If you do not activate a new theme, no changes will be made at all to your website.

Step 5: New Theme Switch Checklist

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you review this New Theme Checklist every time you switch to a new theme. Please note that individual themes may have additional options and variables to review. We are covering the basic steps only.

New Theme Check #1: SideBars & Widgets

Click on the WIDGETS link to access the Widgets and Sidebars area. Check your sidebar(s) individually and make sure that the Widgets you have previously used are where you expected to see them. Make adjustments as necessary. Need help with Widgets? Click Here.

New Theme Check #2: Menu Settings

Click on the MENUS link under the Appearance Menu to verify that your Primary Navigation is assigned. This typically will not be assigned after you switch themes. Don’t forget to click SAVE when you are finished.

New Theme Check #3: Additional Settings

Every Theme will have it’s own set up options and settings. Check the Appearance Menu options to see if you have any options you can adjust. These options can include color changes, Images built into the theme, and more.

How to Access Premium Themes

Digital PTO offers quite a few themes to our Free Plan Members, but the real wealth of Themes are available to our Premium Plan Members. If you are a premium Plan Member click on PREMIUM THEMES in the Appearance Menu and you will see the High End Themes. Free Plan Members can preview the Premium Themes as well, but you are not able to activate and adjust the settings on them.

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