How to Edit / Format your News & Info Pages

Editing your News Posts & Info Pages is Simple

Digital PTO makes it simple to Edit & Format your website content. The following tutorial will explain the two different options for formatting and walk you through every simple step.

Don’t Forget to Save your Work

Please remember to SAVE or UPDATE any changes you make or they will be lost! These blue buttons are typically found toward the top right of a page you are editing.

Note: You will need to be logged in to Edit your site.

Please be sure you have logged into your account before trying to make edits to your website. Edits are performed in the Admin Section of your website. There are a number of ways to access your websites Dashboard (Admin Home Page). The easiest way is to hover over your username in the top bar and them click on DASHBOARD.


You can view an entire list of your News Posts or your Informational Pages by clicking the corresponding buttons at the top of every page.

Step 2: Open the Post or Page you wish to Edit

Both News Posts and Informational Pages are edited the exact same way. We will be using News Posts for our example. Once you have loaded up the list of News Posts, click the TITLE of the post you wish to Edit.

Step 3: Select Your Edit Mode (Visual or HTML)

Digital PTO offers two different ways to edit your pages and posts. Visually or with HTML. The VISUAL view option is the option we suggest you use as it is very similar to the way formatting is performed in Microsoft Word and many email programs. If you are familiar with HTML and would prefer to use direct coding, you will want to select the HTML view option. In most cases you will see the VISUAL tab when you open a page, but if you do not, simply click the tab you wish to use and it will activate.

TIP: If you do not see the formatting options highlighted above, you are not in the VISUAL view. Click the VISUAL tab to activate.

Step 4: The Formatting Essentials

If you click the image above, you will see some of the most commonly used formatting options highlighted. Bold, Italics, Bullets, Centering text, changing the color, creating links to other pages, etc.

We also highlight a Drop down list of Pre-Defined formatting options. These options include  Paragraph (standard text) as well as 6 different Heading (H) options. The Pre-Defined menu allows you to increase font sizes on specific items and call them out. Test it out to see which Heading tag works best for your needs. We offer Heading 1 through Heading 6 options with Heading 1 being the largest.

Note: If you only see one row of formatting options, click the button on the far right of the formatting bar that looks like a mini-color pallet to open the second row of options.

Step 5: How to Format Text

Formatting specific text is easy. Simply highlight the text you want to format, then click the option you want in the formatting menu and you’re all set. Some formatting options will happen immediately, other options (like adding a link) will open a new window to ask you for more information. The image above demonstrates a line of text that has been bolded and then assigned as a Heading 3 to make it a little larger.

Step 6: Don’t forget to Save your Changes!

When you are finished making changes, be sure to click UPDATE to make them official. Remember you can always click PREVIEW to see your changes before making them live.

How to make Text Bold

To make text bold, Highlight the Text you wish to make bold and then click the “B” (Bold) Button. Italics works the same way if you click the “I” (italics) button instead.

How to make a Bullet List

Making a Bullet List is also a simple task. First click in the location you wish to add your list. If you need to make space, you can click ENTER or RETURN. Once you have selected your location click the BULLET LIST button that looks like three vertical dots next to three lines. This will create your first bullet. Now click to the right of the bullet and start typing your first list item. When you are ready to add the second bullet, simply click RETURN and it will be automatically created for you. When you are finished with your list, hit RETURN two times and your list will be completed and you will be returned to regular text again.

How to Center your Text (and other Alignments)

Centering your text (or aligning it Right or Left) is as easy as Highlighting the text you wish to change and clicking the preferred alignment button in the formatting menu. The above example shows text that has been centered.

How to use the Pre-Defined Formatting List

Digital PTO makes it easy to change the formatting with a single click with our Pre-Defined Formatting Options. Simply Highlight the text you want to change and select the formatting option from the drop down menu. The image above displays the Pre-Defined options so you can see the size and font weight differences in each. We highly suggest using pre-defined formatting when you can as is the most efficient way to format a website.

How to Change the Color of Text

To change the color of some text, Highlight the Text you wish to change, then click the “A” button (with a colored bar under the A) and select the color you wish to use. This will change the color of the highlighted text and you are finished. For more color options, click MORE COLORS. Select the exact color you want with the pointer and color slider on the right and then click APPLY.

How to Create a Web Link (URL)

If you would like to create a link to another page on your website or to a whole different website, creating a Link is nice and simple. First, highlight the text you want to turn into a link. Then click the button in the formatting bar that looks like a piece of a chain link. This will open a window (see example below) for you to enter the URL (website address) you want to link to. Paste that into the LINK URL field and then click INSERT and you’re done!

EXPERT TIP: If you are linking to a different website, you can force that link to open in a new window when it is clicked. This help bring visitors back to your page after they are done with the link you gave them. To do this, select “Open Link in New Window” from the TARGET Drop Down in the URL window.

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