How to create an Informational Page

How to Create an Informational Page on your Digital PTO website

Now that you know how to log into your site, let’s jump right in and add some content.

Before we do that though, we need to explain the difference between the two main types of content on your site. Your site has news posts and informational pages. News posts are dated items that will get replaced eventually with newer news. Informational Pages are intended to always be available and are most likely found in the top menu of your website. This tutorial focuses on Informational Pages.

Don’t Forget to Save your Work

Please remember to SAVE or UPDATE any changes you make or they will be lost! These blue buttons are typically found toward the top right of a page you are editing.

Note: You will need to be logged in to Edit your site.

Please be sure you have logged into your account before trying to make edits to your website. Edits are performed in the Admin Section of your website. There are a number of ways to access your websites Dashboard (Admin Home Page). The easiest way is to hover over your username in the top bar and them click on DASHBOARD.

Step 1: Click NEW INFO PAGE at the top of any page

To create a new Informational Page, click the NEW INFO PAGE button at the top of every page in the Admin section of your website.

Step 2: Click ADD NEW

Click ADD NEW to start a new Informational Page. (alternatively you can click on any existing page to edit it the same way)

Step 3: Enter TITLE

In the first field, enter the TITLE of your Informational Page.

Step 4: Enter BODY CONTENT and format if desired

Type in the Info Page content and details you wish to provide in the BODY field. You can edit your page just like you would with a Word Document. Bold, Bullets, Size, etc. If you do not see formatting options, be sure the VISUAL (not HTML) tab is clicked in the top right of the BODY.

Step 5: Is this a Main Page or a Sub Page?

The final step before previewing and publishing is to determine of your new Info Page is a Parent Page or a Sub (Child) Page. Most pages you create will be Parent pages, but there may be cases where you want to use Child Pages. For example, if you have a Fundraising Page and then a separate page for each individual Fundraising Program, the Main Fundraising Page would be the Parent and the Individual Pages would go under the Parent as a Child. In that example, we would select “Fundraising” from the Parent Menu to assign this news page as a Child to the Fundraising Page. It’s not nearly as confusing as it sounds :)

Step 6: PREVIEW and PUBLISH your Info Page

If you are not ready to publish your new Informational page, click SAVE DRAFT and it will be saved for later. To see a live preview of the Page you are working on, click PREVIEW. If you need to change the publication date of a post (to the past or future) click EDIT next to Publish Immediately.

And as soon as you are ready to post your Info Page, click PUBLISH and you’re done! Congrats.

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