Set up your Online Family Registration Form (Premium Plus Paypal Plans)

Setting up your Paypal Enabled Family Registration Forms

Premium Plus Paypal Members have the ability to add Paypal Payments to your online forms. This example will teach you how to add Paypal Payments to your Family Registration form, but this can be applied to any pre-built forms or to your own custom created forms.

IMPORTANT: You still need to follow the instructions to set up your Family Registration Form that are included HERE. This tutorial is only regarding adding Paypal to your form, so please be sure to complete THIS TUTORIAL first.

Step 1: Access your Available Forms

In your Admin dashboard, click on the FORMS link to view your available forms.

Step 2: Initial Set up for Paypal Payments

In order to allow payments via Paypal, you must first set up your Paypal settings. This is a one time step. First click on the PAYPAL link under the FORMS menu.

Step 3: Set up your Paypal Settings

If you do not have any Paypal settings yet, you will see a message that asks you to Configure your Paypal Settings. Click that Link to get started.

Step 4: Complete Required IPN Settings

When you access the Paypal settings page, you will be asked to set up your Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) settings within Paypal and then verify that you have completed that step. First Click on the link that says IPN SETTINGS PAGE. This will open a new window with a Paypal log in screen.

Step 5: Log In and then CHOOSE IPN SETTINGS

Once you log into to your Paypal account, you will be directed to the IPN Page. Click on the CHOOSE IPN SETTINGS button.

Step 6: Enter your Notification URL, Enable IPN Messages, Save

You will now see a field asking for your Notification URL. This URL is found on your Digital PTO Paypal settings page and will look something like this: – Copy that URL and paste it into the NOTIFICATION URL dialogue box. Then under IPN Messages, check RECEIVE IPN MESSAGES (ENABLED) and then click SAVE.

Advanced Note: If your IPN is already active and you have another Notification URL populated here, you do not need to populate the Digital PTO Form IPN Notification URL. Digital PTO/PayPal only requires that the IPN is enabled and that any Notification URL is populated in your PayPal settings. The Digital PTO Form IPN Notification URL is sent as the ‘return_url’ parameter for every PayPal Add-on transaction.

Step 7: Confirm IPN is Enabled

Once you SAVE your Paypal IPN URL, you can close the Paypal window and back at Digital PTO you need to check the box that is Confirming that you have configured your Paypal IPN settings. There is no need to click save once you have checked that box.

Step 8: Select a Form to add Payments to

Before you can set up the rest of the Paypal Settings, you need to add something to “buy” to your form. Click on the EDIT FORMS link and then select the form you wish to modify. We are using the Family Registration form in this example.

Step 9: Add some Pricing Fields

To the right of your form, you will see the option to add PRICING FIELDS. If this menu isn’t opened, click the down arrow to expand it. We are going to add a PRODUCT in this example. Even though we are selecting a PRODUCT, this can be anything from a t-shirt to a PTA Membership, it does not have to be a physical product. Click PRODUCT to add a product field to the bottom of your form.

Step 10: Open Product Options

Scroll to the bottom of your form and you will see your newly added product field. Click on the field to open up the options available.

Step 11: Populate Field Label

Enter the name of the product or service in the FIELD LABEL field. For our example, we are entering “PTO Membership Options” and we will be giving three different membership levels to pick from.

Step 12: Select Field Type

There are a variety of ways to present your product & services selections, but we typically suggest either a drop down menu or a radio button menu. In this example, we are going to use a Drop Down Menu, so we will select DROP DOWN MENU from the options.

Step 13: Define your Drop Down Options

You will notice when you select Drop Down Menu that your options will change. Three options are presented by default but you can always add more by clicking the plus sign, or remove some by clicking the minus signs.

We are going to offer three levels. Free (non-member), Basic Member and Pro Member. We will be charging for the Basic and Pro, and the free option will not have a fee.

Step 14: Enter an Optional Description

If you would like to provide more information to your members about their options, you can enter more details in the DESCRIPTION field.

Step 15: Update your Form

When you have finished adding your product, be sure to click UPDATE FORM.

Step 16: Click back to PAYPAL link under FORMS

Click again on the PAYPAL link under the FORMS menu and you will be asked to create a new Paypal feed. Click CREATE ONE to get started.

Step 17: Enter Basic Paypal Settings

The first steps are to enter your groups Paypal email address and select which mode (Production or Test) you are using. Please select PRODUCTION.

Step 18: Select your Transaction Type

There are three Different types of Transaction types available. This tutorial will cover both Products & Services or Donations. Subscriptions & Recurring Payments are covered in this tutorial. Select which type of transaction you wish to specify. In our example, we are using the standard PRODUCTS & SERVICES.

Step 19: Select the correct Form

Select the Gravity Form you wish to add paypal to. this is the same form you added the product to earlier. In our example, we are using the Family Registration Form.

Step 20: Match Paypal Fields to your Form

After your select your form, additional fields will be presented asking you to match your Paypal fields to your form Fields. Any fields you have already asked your user to populate will be pre-populated when the paypal page opens, so this will save your visitors time.

Step 21: Specify Page Style (Optional)

If you have created a specific page style for your paypal account (within the Paypal interface) you can specify that page style here. If you do not know what we’re referring to, you can skip this. It is optional.

Step 22: Customize your Return Button

Once your users have completed payment they are presented with a button to return to your website. If you would like to you can enter your own custom button text here. This is optional.

Step 22: Customize your Options

You can select a few additional options at the end of the form based on your needs. Our example form is for a PTO membership, so we do not need a shipping address or notes with our payment so we will check both of those boxes. We are also going to set the form to only send emails when an actual payment is received.

Step 23: Enable Paypal Conditions if needed

Our specific membership options form includes the option to not pay, so we are going to enable Paypal Conditions so that non-paying members are not sent to Paypal for payment. First we will click the ENABLE button and then we are going to set the condition to SEND TO PAYPAL IF “PTO Membership Options” IS NOT “Free (non) Member”. This will make the form skip paypal if that option is selected.

Step 24: SAVE your Work

When you are finished, be sure to save your settings.

Step 25: Preview your live form

To verify that it is all working, be sure to preview your live form by visting your website. Try submitting your form and making sure that you are sent to paypal, and that everything looks good. Be sure to test “non payment” options as well if you have included any on your form. Now you’re all set!

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