How to Edit a Form

Editing the Forms on your website

Digital PTO offers a wide variety of Pre-Built Forms for our Premium Members. Our Premium Plus Members have access to even more forms. This tutorial will cover the basics of editing one of your web forms. If you are not a Premium Member you will not see the FORMS menu in your admin panel.

If you are collecting credit card payments directly on your forms you will need to refer to the Wufoo Documentation Instead.

Step 1: Click on EDIT FORMS under the FORMS Menu

clickformsTo open up the list of forms available on your website, click the EDIT FORMS link under the FORMS Menu.

Step 2: Click the Title of the Form you want to Edit

Click on the title of the form you wish to edit. When you hover over the title, you can also click EDIT if you prefer. This will open up the form editor.

Step 3: Click on any field to Edit it.

To edit an individual field (Name, Email, etc) click near the field itself and an editing option will appear.

Step 4: Edit field as needed

When the editor opens up, you have a number of options. The two most used options are FIELD LABEL and REQUIRED. The Field Label is the question, or request you have for the visitor to your form. For example “What is your favorite color?” or “Home Phone Number”. The Required checkbox will make this field a required input before your visitor can submit the form. When you are finished with editing the field, click the CLOSE link to shrink the field back down to it’s regular size.

Step 5: Moving Fields Around

If you would like to change the order of your fields, simply hover over the field you want to move until you see the dashed lines. Then Click and Drag the field up or down on the form. When you have field where you want it, release your mouse button. Tada!

Step 6: Adding a New Field

If you would like to add an additional field to your form, that can be achieved on the right side of your screen under the Add Fields section. There are four main types of fields, but you will probably only use STANDARD FIELDS and ADVANCED FIELDS. To switch between the field categories, click the name of the category and the box will open. When you know what kind of field you want to add, simply click the field and it will be added to the bottom of your form. At that point, you can edit the field to meet your needs and move the field around on the form if you want to change its placement.

Step 7: Deleting a Field

If you want to delete a field from your form, that can be achieved by clicking the small DELETE link in the top right corner of any field that is being edited. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you delete a field that has data that has been submitted to it, that data will also be lost. For example, if you were collecting phone numbers from parents and then delete that individual field later on your form, those previous phone numbers will be deleted as well. Use caution when deleting field data as it can no be undone.

Step 8: Don’t forget to UPDATE YOUR FORM!

When you have completed your changed and edits, be sure to UPDATE your form or your changes will not be saved. As soon as you update your form, no further action is necessary, the changes will already be live and active on your website’s forms.

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