Top 15 Reasons to use Digital PTO

15 reasons you should use Digital PTO to create your Parent Groups website. We can think of hundreds of reasons, but these are our favorites.

Digital PTO is a Complete Package

Think of Digital PTO as your Own Parent Teacher Group Website in a Box. Every version of Digital PTO (including the free plan!) comes with everything you need to start a website for your PTA, PTO, PSTA, PTG, etc. Post news and information with images and custom formatting, select from a variety of templates and designs, all of the hosting is included at no charge and our dedicated servers are fast and reliable.

As you move into our premium plans, the offerings increase dramatically and can establish a complete and total PTO website strategy. Learn More

Digital PTO is Easy to Use

Digital PTO is as simple as sending an email. Or typing a quick Word document. To enter a news story, for example, you enter a title, type out your content in a simple form, upload an optional image, select the category you want your news in and click publish. It’s that simple.

Digital PTO is Effective

After more than two years of complete beta testing with a number of schools, Digital PTO has been crafted and sculpted to be an extremely effective tool for Parent Groups across the country. We’ve tested it already for you, all you have to do is start using it.

Digital PTO Saves Time

Digital PTO was designed for two purposes. 1) to save schools money and 2) to make running a PTA or PTO easier and more efficient. Digital PTO provides the tools to communicate, educate, fundraise and more all in one location, saving you time, money and making your Parent Teacher Group much more successful.

Digital PTO Fundraises

The Digital PTO Premium Plus Plans offer the ability to integrate PTA or PTO fundraising and volunteer drives directly onto your website. Imagine how simple it would be to have families register online, pay online via credit card or Paypal and volunteer online all in one simple process? With Digital PTO’s Premium Plans, you can do that. And it’s simple.

Digital PTO Saves Money

Digital PTO has been shown to save the average active PTA or PTO group up to $4000 a year in communication costs alone. We also have negotiated exceptionally low rates for our customers if you want to add low-cost credit card processing to your group’s website with our Premium Plus Credit Cards Plan.

Digital PTO Earns Money

When you select one of our Premium Plus Plans, we have integrated complete business sponsorship management directly into some themes. Simply upload your business partners logos and business cards and the Premium Plus theme takes care of the rest. Charge your business partners as much or as little as you want for a listing in the business directory and or a sponsorship slot on the news articles and informational pages.

Digital PTO is Powerful

Once you have let your community know about your group’s new website you will have the power to connect with your schools’ families instantly, day or night. Combine our superb premium plans with our email marketing integration with Mail Chimp and you have a simple and very powerful way to be in constant touch with your schools’ community for pennies a day.

Digital PTO is Beautiful

Our Free and Paid Plans offer a variety of templates and themes to select from based on your schools’ needs and tastes. All of our themes are clean and simple, yet beautiful. Our Premium Plans include an elegant and beautiful Parent Group theme. Handcrafted specifically for Parent Groups just like yours.

Digital PTO is Customized

Almost every theme provided by Digital PTO can be customized and adjusted to your school’s needs. Some themes have custom images, colors, and layouts. Our Premium Digital PTO theme is completely customizable with your School’s Images, school colors, and a variety of other custom options.

Digital PTO Informs

Digital PTO keeps your community informed. Digital PTO sites can be updated weekly if not daily with just a few easy steps. Turn your website into a reliable source of information for your community. Digital PTO provides easy access to news and resources for both parents and teachers. Themes offer RSS feeds, our Premium Calendars offer ical feeds, Facebook integration, email marketing integration (with Mail Chimp) and more.

Digital PTO Welcomes All Parent Groups

Digital PTO is focused on helping every single type and variation of Parent – Teacher and Student Group. Digital PTO is not exclusive to any particular type of group and recognizes that all Parent Teacher Groups are extremely valuable (even critical!) in our communities, regardless of official group affiliation. If you are a group of Parents and Teachers helping students and their community, you are welcome with open arms to Digital PTO.

Digital PTO Listens

All Digital PTO themes allow you to add your PTA’s contact information to the website so that parents and business partners can reach you quickly. Our Premium Plans also offer contact forms for a more complete and seamless solution.

Digital PTO Organizes

Digital PTO Organizes on a multitude of levels! All of your group’s communication will now be available in one convenient location and to make things even easier we offer the ability to sort your communication by topic if you want to. You can have categories like Fundraising, Volunteer Information, Newsletters, etc. You can organize however you see fit!

Digital PTO is Green

Digital PTO was founded on the idea of reducing printed paper waste as well as wasted human-hours entering data multiple times. When you switch to a Digital PTO plan for your school’s PTA or PTO, you are saving paper, energy and time. To top it all off, our main Digital PTO office is powered 100% by Wind Energy in Colorado.

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