New Theme Exclusively for Premium Plus Members – Brix Responsive

We are very excited to announce a brand new theme exclusively for our Premium Plus Paypal and Premium Plus Credit Card Plan members! The new theme is called Brix Responsive and it’s a next generation, technical theme. This is by far the most advanced theme we have introduced so far and it is loaded with features […]

Your Mobile Site just got a Huge Upgrade!

We are super excited to announce a brand new mobile viewing experience for your groups website on a mobile phone! We were way ahead of the game 5 years ago when we first announced our mobile version, but mobile phones have come a long way since then and we are progressing with them. Want to […]

New Feature! News Post Expiration Dates

Have you ever wished that your older News Posts from last month could automatically vanish from your website so that your visitors don’t get confused and overwhelmed? Now you can solve that problem with our new News Post Expiration Dates feature! This new feature is available to Premium Plan and Premium Plus Plan Members and […]

Website Speeds, Higher Security & an Exciting Future

Welcome to the Fall 2014 School Year! Fall has started off with a bang at Digital PTO and we are all off and running! We hope you have all had a smooth transition back to school and that your membership and registration drives were a success! For those of you that had PTA and PTO […]

Huge News! Premium Calendar for Everyone!

One of our goals when we started Digital PTO was to make sure that as our memberships grew and as time went on that we would continue to release new features for all of our plans, including the free plan. Today we are very excited to announce that every single one of our members, whether […]

Accepting Credit Cards with your PTA or PTO Parent Teacher Group

Comparing Credit Card Processing Options for your PTA or PTO The most common question we get at Digital PTO (besides, Really? You offer FREE PTA websites?) is whether or not a PTA or PTO group can accept credit card payments. And the answer is YES! It’s extremely simple to accept credit card payments both online […]

Your Parent Group Should Have an Email Address. Here’s Why.

Over the last three years we have worked with thousands of Parent Teacher Groups across the country. Part of our sign up process for a Free Website asks for the email address for the Parent Group. We were shocked at first about how many parent teacher groups did not have a group email address. Many […]

51 New Website Video Training Tutorials Published

We are excited to announce a large expansion to our online Video Training Library ( We now have 51 different videos ranging from advanced trainings to extremely simple solutions to basic questions. We’ve also re-organized the videos so that you can find them quickly. Stay tuned as we add more videos to help train PTA […]

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